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The Bio-container allows you to retain your current body’s traits and passively store residual regeneration energy. This block can be made functional by inserting an amputated Hand into the Bio-container.

How do I use it?

  1. Craft Bio-Container and place it in the desired Location
  2. Regenerate
  3. Once the Regeneration transition completes, Shift right-click the ground with a Sword or a Tool. You can only do this action between the animation transition happening and your entire cycle being over.
  4. Right-click the Bio-Container with the Hand item that has either been added to your inventory or spawned at your feet.
  5. Regenerating near the bio-container will slowly fill up the container with Residual Energy. Once the counter has reached 100, the counter will disappear and the container will begin to bubble and emit orange particles.
  6. Shift right-clicking in this state will set your next trait and your next skin to what was saved to the hand within the Bio-Container. It will also award you a Regeneration and immediately trigger one.

1.14 Legacy Note

You can retain your current traits by right clicking the Bio-container when regenerating. Note that you must target the block when regenerating.

You can also gain multiple Regenerations by Sneak+Right clicking the block when not in a regeneration state. Each Regeneration will use up 100 residual regeneration energy stored in the block.

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